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The Future Focus Session

Study Habits and Time-Management Mentoring    for your child

Generally, the most difficult part of studying is knowing how, and where, to begin. At Future Focus Tutoring, we believe that success in school goes beyond the few hours spent learning with us. Individual application is key and we help students to reach their full potential. 

In our designated Future Focus Study Skills Session, we work with students to set goals, establish study routines and build effective study habits. Each session is individually tailored to the student's abilities and workload, and equips them with the study skills required to succeed. We work through goal setting, note taking, practice questions, prioritising the most important work, and fighting procrastination.

Pricing: $100 per 1 hour session

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*If you choose not to continue with us after the first session, that session will be completely free. Your comfort with our program is our No. 1 priority

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